Welcome to Nineball.com!

We are game players.  We like games.  Card games, board games, pool games, darts, bowling, chess, poker, backgammon… you name it and we like playing it.  But there is one game that we love.  That is the game of Nineball.  Nine-ball, 9-ball, nine ball… however you choose to write it, we love it.  However many racks you break, however many balls you make… there is one thing that never gets old and that is the sound of that nine-ball falling into the pocket (especially if there is money on it).

This is site is dedicated to the game of nineball.  This is what you will find here :

  • The official rules of pool games, including 9-ball, 8-ball, 10-ball, 7-ball, snooker;
  • Reviews about websites where you can play pool online for real money or just for fun;
  • Information about pool leagues and pool tournaments in your area;
  • Which pool books, videos, and equipment you need to improve your game;
  • Awesome pool videos about various billiard topics like pool fundamentals and trick shots;
  • And much, much more….

There are many of other great pool games out there and a lot of the stuff on this site will apply to you whether you favor 8ball, one-pocket, snooker, whatever.  But if you play one-pocket just to fill the time until someone is down for a 9-ball game, or if you play eight-ball just because you get more value out of your dollar… we know how you feel.

Welcome to Nineball.com… we love this game.

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